Hypnosis for managing stress & anxiety

Stress affects everyone at some point. Life will throw stressful situations at us and coping strategies are what count.

Stress is a huge problem in the home and in the workplace. It feels unpleasant and sometimes leads to illnesses. Some may be temporary, such as aches and pains. Others are more serious, such as ulcers, heart disease, or psychological declines, such as anxiety and depression.

We help variously to either remove the stresses that can be removed, or to develop more effective coping strategies.

For example, if stress comes from being given too much work and assertiveness would prevent this, we would probably work on assertiveness.

Being able to say, "No" at work or at home could improve the situation immediately.
If, however, the stressor is not wholly controllable, such as people being rude, then developing strategies for dealing with this is more appropriate.

You'll no doubt immediately feel less stressed as you learn some effective techniques to relax deeply. Not only does this provide a welcome respite, but we can use techniques that will enable you to bring back, at will, the same relaxed feeling you experience in trance during stressful times.

It might feel like the walls are closing in, your health is being compromised and stress and tension are here to stay but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we can help you get there quicker.

Choose hypnotherapy, stress less!

When you're ready, we're here to help!  

With our help, and yours, you can reduce your stress using hypnosis. 

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