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The Academy of Advanced Changework provides professional, internationally recognised hypnotherapy & NLP training. Call us now for a chat 07 5329 2293

Both our courses: Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP, and Fast-track Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy for mental health professionals,  provide everything you need to start practicing as a clinical hypnotherapist and to obtain professional membership and a private health fund provider number with the following professional associations in Australia:

  • Australian Hypnotherapy Association (AHA) which is an affiliate member of PACFA
  • Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH)
  • Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (AACHP)

In addition, our courses are professionally recognised internationally by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) and the International Hypnosis Association (IHA), so you may also register with these associations too!
We also provide CPD courses for qualified therapists including an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy for qualified hypnotherapists.

All our courses and written and delivered by Karen Bartle MSc and Paul Peace PhD.

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"This course has given me not only the skills to be a hypnotherapist but the therapeutic practice we did on ourselves and each other in class has been of tremendous personal benefit to me. I have overcome many fears, gained a huge amount of personal confidence, am more relaxed and able to see things in their true perspective." 

~ Sarah Rogers

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Diploma in NLP

This hypnotherapy course in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney & Melbourne, is unique & runs Sat, Sun & Mon, once a month, for just over 5 months, with up to a further 3 months to complete the final modules by distance learning.

This provides a speedy route to qualification for beginners to full qualification. The quicker you complete training, the quicker you get into practice and start changing lives and earning. However, you also need enough time to practice, really absorb what you've learned and built confidence. We believe our hypnotherapy training (or 'hypnosis training') has a perfect balance.

Entry requirements
: no prior knowledge required.
Qualifications: Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Diploma in NLP & Certificate in Stress Management.
Outcomes: eligible for professional membership and health fund provider number, and able to work with the paying public (everything you need).

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Fast-track Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

This hypnotherapy course in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney & Melbourne, runs over 9 days split into 3-day blocks over 3-4 months.
This hypnotherapy course is aimed at qualified psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, and similar professionals routinely employing psychological interventions in their work with clients.

This training enables you to dovetail hypnotherapy with your current work or provide hypnotherapy as a standalone therapy in its own right.

Perhaps you are looking for new tools for stuck clients, to create a 'safe place' before interventions, or you're simply fascinated by the subject of hypnotherapy!

Because those eligible for this course already have excellent clinical skills and a grounding in ethics and the therapeutic relationship, etc., we focus mostly on the unique aspects of hypnotherapy. If you think you may be eligible, please contact us for details.

Entry requirements: qualified psychologist, psychotherapist, counsellor,  clinical social worker or similar, or a qualified clinical hypnotherapist requiring a refresher course or to gain more training hours.

Qualification: Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Certificate in Stress Management.

Outcomes: eligible for professional membership and health fund provider number, and able to work with the paying public (everything you need).
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Advance Diploma in Hypnotherapy

In 2010, we, Karen Bartle and Paul Peace put forward an Advanced Practitioner Training course framework for consideration by the GHSC, one of the largest and most reputable professional hypnotherapy bodies in the UK.
At that time, no such category existed but the proposed syllabus proved to be of such high calibre that the GHSC not only agreed to accredit it but also to accept it as the benchmark for all future courses wishing to attain this higher status. 

"Paul and Karen’s advanced practitioner training course framework (which they generously offered to the GHSC for the purpose) continues to be the benchmark for GHSC Accredited Advanced Practitioner Level training to date."

WIlliam Broom, Chief Executive and Registrar, Hypnotherapy Register, GHSC & GHR


This advanced hypnotherapy course is for those already with a substantial qualification in hypnotherapy, and professional membership with an association of good repute.

A flexible international home study by distance learning. An accredited and recognised course taking qualified clinical hypnotherapists to the next level of excellence.

Entry requirements: qualified clinical hypnotherapist with professional membership and reputable and substantial training.
Qualification: Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy, AdvDipH.
Outcomes: Advanced level of knowledge and skills, and valid ongoing professional development hours.

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Hypnotic Relaxation Practitioner Training 

From absolute beginner, we’ll show you how anyone can use special language patterns to hypnotise people and give hypnotic suggestions to help them relax.

Places are only currently available on the Sunshine Coast. Please book your place now to avoid disappointment. 

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New for 2022! 

Hypnotic Practitioner

Relaxation Training

Learn how to use hypnosis to induce someone, or yourself, into a relaxed deep or surface state of mind and body just using your voice, and provide hypnotic suggestions for relaxation to maintain that state long after the session!



“The scope and depth of the training provided by Karen & Paul, is second to none. […] they are always willing to help, advise, and develop you as both an individual and as a therapist.”


~ Mark Clutton

Learn how Kate overcame her needle phobia with the help of hypnotherapy & NLP

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10 reasons why every psychotherapist should have hypnotherapy in their toolkit 

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More Testimonials from some of our Graduates 

Check out what a few more of our graduates thought about their training with us

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"It was the best thing I ever did. Course was amazing […] teaching methods are excellent, I learned so much! This course also transformed my life personally, while doing the training, because as student you are on the receiving side of the hypnosis as well..."   

Diana Hayes

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