Welcome to Professional Clinical Supervision with Karen Bartle

Clinical Supervision for
Post-trauma Stress therapists

At Unbinding Minds Karen provides professional group and individual clinical support, supervision & coaching for practitioners working with people experiencing post-trauma stress symptoms including PTSD.
Using the right approaches at the right times with the right clients, and ensuring our skills and knowledge are sound, is crucial for us to feel confident and competent when supporting clients with their post-trauma stress symptoms. 


Clinical Supervision for Qualified Hypnotherapists 

Karen provides qualified hypnotherapists with access to high-quality supervision to support clients, & to help take their practice, skills and business to the next level! 
There are several options to choose from to suit all needs. Whether you're looking for a group or individual supervision, or perhaps a combination of both, Karen can cater for most Hypnotherapist's needs.



Clinical Supervision for Qualified hypnotherapists


Perhaps you can relate to one or more of the following:

 I want to feel more supported in my work

I want to provide a better service to clients

I want to someone to check on my 'blind spots'

I want to feel safe to reflect on my skills

I want to work with new issues

I want to learn more advanced techniques

I want to have more confidence

I want to work with more complex issues

I want to market myself better

I want to feel reassured I'm doing the right things
"I was fortunate enough to attend supervision sessions with Karen. The sessions provided a real opportunity to evaluate my own performance and issues with someone who understands the everyday work of a hypnotherapist. Karen was always good at provoking your own ability to reason out problems and understanding how to deliver the best you could for your client."