Level 1 & 2 Fast-Track Hypnotherapy Training for
Qualified Mental Health Therapists

Practical hypnotherapy training with an emphasis on doing hypnotherapy! 

This Fast-Track clinical hypnotherapy course has been running since 2008 providing qualified and practicing therapists with the skills and knowledge to add clinical hypnotherapy to their existing therapeutic skillset and integrate it with their preferred modality.

We provide 2 Levels of training: 

Level 1 - A 6 day hypnotherapy practitioner training.
Level 2 - A 3 day advanced hypnotherapy practitioner training.

Completing the 2 levels of training allows students to graduate as an Advanced Practitioner in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Level 1 Fast-Track Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training

Over the course of 6 live training days delivered face to face online in 2 x 3-day blocks, and 120 hrs of total study/practice hrs, you'll be equipped with the Level 1 skills that will enable you to work with your clients using hypnotherapy to bring about efficacious and lasting change.

Eligible applicants will already have knowledge and skills of being a professionally qualified & registered therapist working routinely with clients. We will help you to learn to integrate the
unique aspects of hypnotherapy into your current practice including those areas identified in the Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS) Skills Training best practice guidelines.

Applicants will already understand concepts common to counselling, psychotherapy, and psychology, such as assessment, clinical formulations, effective questioning, active listening, treatment planning, effective note taking, data protection, mandatory reporting, empathy, rapport, ethics, and reflective practice, for example, and simply want to add hypnotherapy to their existing skill set rather than cover old ground.

Groups are small, ensuring you have lots of individual attention, support & supervision.  

Our clinical hypnotherapy courses are delivered face to face online, split into 2 blocks of 3 days to provide time to practice with real clients and complete the study modules of the training before attending further modules, making our training more accessible, applying theory to practice in timely ways, and gaining group and individual supervision as and when you need it.

What's more if any of the days after module 1 don't suit, there is flexibility to attend other training dates to patch in the face-face learning creating a flexible learning experience around your current commitments!
"I would highly recommend the course to anyone thinking of studying Hypnotherapy. 
The theory content, in-person workshops and support from trainers is excellent. 
I found myself being challenged and engaged the whole way through and I feel that I have walked away from this course with a solid foundation upon which to build my hypnotherapy practice." 

~ Caitlin Casey, Counsellor 

Enrolling now for August Level 1 Fast-Track Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training

Module 1: 
31 Aug-2 Sept 2024 (Sat-Mon, 3 days)

Module 2:
9-11 Nov 2024 (Sat-Mon, 3 days) 

Enrol before the 12th July and catch the early bird discount saving yp to $800 on course fees!


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Level 2 Advanced Hypnotherapy Pracitioner Training

Once Level 1 Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training has been completed, practitioners can move onto learning more advanced hypnotherapy skills by attending our Level 2 Advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner 3-day Training.

During Level 2 Advanced hypnotherapy Practitioner Training we teach concepts and skills to enhance hypnotherapy skills for clients with complex presentations and using more advanced interventions & processes.

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Next available Level 2 Fast-Track Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training course dates in 2024/5


‚ÄúI liked Karen's input so much that I asked her to be my supervisor when I graduated from the course. As a result of this I would also strongly recommend her as a supervisor. A lot of my work is with clients who have suffered serious childhood trauma. I really valued Karen's experience in integrating hypnotherapy into my work with these clients.‚ÄĚ (Psychotherapist and Counsellor)

Professional training ~ credits prior learning! 

The Fast-track clinical hypnotherapy practitioner and advanced practitioner training is created & delivered by Karen Bartle, MSc, & Dr Paul Peace.

Both Karen & Paul are post-graduates in Psychology, experienced practitioners, clinical hypnotherapists (since 2005), trainers (since 2008), and clinical supervisors. They have both taught psychology and nursing undergraduates in higher education and both are also highly regarded in their field for bringing high-quality hypnotherapy training to an un/self-regulated field. 

This hypnotherapy course credits prior psychological study/learning and clinical skills.

We assume no prior knowledge of hypnotherapy for Level 1 Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training, however Level 2 Advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner enrolment requires completion of Level 1 Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training first.

If you are looking for new effective tools to complement your work and/or want to use hypnotherapy as another income stream, perhaps working on 'lighter' issues such as smoking, weight, and habits, this course is for you!

No matter whether you're based in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Darwin, Tasmania, Melbourne, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, or Dunedin, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, or even Fiji, this hypnotherapy course is available and accessible to you.

Good verbal and written English skills are however, an essential pre-requisite for attending this hypnotherapy course.
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‚ÄúI was fortunate to be trained by Karen and Paul in hypnotherapy and also Hypno coaching. I found the training easy to understand and to put into use after. They were helpful throughout the course and offer a good aftercare service to make sure you get the best out of there training. Even though we are many miles apart now, 'I live in London' I know I can contact Karen for supervision or advice. I would highly recommend Karen as a dedicated friendly approachable professional.‚ÄĚ (Psychotherapist, EMDR, CBT)¬†


We invest in you, so you can invest in your clients 

Course materials include: thoughtfully crafted and substantial course manuals, and many other useful materials. These things will support you and extend your learning long after your training.

Our investment in you also includes fast turnaround on homework, feedback on individual homework questions rather than generic feedback on a whole module and flexible day and evening supervision  options. We're genuine and passionate about standards in an otherwise self-regulated field.

We have attracted students to the fast-track course from a wide variety of backgrounds, including psychotherapists of many persuasions (e.g., CBT, ACT, Psychodynamic, Integrative, EMDR, etc), clinical, educational and counselling psychologists, and various counselling modalities.
Hypnotherapy is a wonderfully flexible tool and we teach it at an inclusive level. You will be able to integrate hypnotherapy into your existing framework, which allows you to do much of what you currently do while your client is actually in a uniquely induced relaxed state!

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"Karen combines sound knowledge of psychological assessment  & interventions with a positive client centred value-base. She is very experienced at working sensitively with people who have a range of disabilities and needs. 
She has a respectful communication style which enables her to develop excellent therapeutic relationships with individual clients, family carers, paid carers and colleagues.
Her work has involved direct assessment and intervention with clients and their carers. 
She provided regular therapy to vulnerable clients, including interventions based on cognitive behaviour therapy."

Dr Alick Bush ~ Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Supervisor 


Examples of how some previous students have used their training.

We have attracted students to the fast-track course Internationally and from a wide variety of psychotherapeutic  backgrounds, including psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychologists (e.g., clinical, coaching, educational, forensic, and counselling), and accredited social workers, trained in a range of therapeutic modalities, (including CBT, ACT, REBT, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis,  Psychodynamic, Integrative, EMDR, etc),

A number of students have used hypnosis to create a relaxed, safe place before going on to use their usual modality, such as CBT or EMDR, to explore something traumatic or stressful. 

One psychodynamic therapist told us of his two years of relatively ‚Äėstuck‚Äô work with one client and how a few sessions of hypnotherapy brought dramatic results. In trance clients are more relaxed, and without the usual defence mechanisms and inhibitions, we can proceed more quickly.¬†¬†

We have taught people to use hypnotic behavioural therapy using systematic desensitisation, and Hypnotic Processing Therapy using Imaginal Rescripting Therapy (IRT) for prolonged exposure for hypnotically reprocessing stress & trauma events while a client is very relaxed, so that the stimulus and intrusions can be managed more carefully without triggering fear responses, hyperarousal, and avoidance. This can be done in vivo with eyes open, or in vitro through guided imagery.  

A firm favourite has been an ability to to timeline therapy and explore inner child work using age regression and hypnoanalytical interventions such as symbolical imagery, to reframe and facilitate new or alternative re/constructions of beliefs in safe ways without introducing false memories.

Some students who are in supervision with us have commented on the wider range of issues they can now work with. Since completing their training, they now work with smoking, overweight, and sport performance, for example, which has enhanced the variety and enjoyment of their practice. 

One person-centred therapist has spoken about how she typically attracted mostly clients with quite abstract identity needs and how she now also sees clients with more specific, tangible, short-term goals.  

Some therapists have been pleased to have a skill that has meant they can relax anxious and traumatised clients and find greater sensory awareness and positivity in depressed clients. ¬†Others have commented that they have enjoyed now being able to punctuate their work with relatively ‚Äėlight‚Äô issues, such as nail biting or exam confidence.¬†¬†
Another common observation amongst those we have taught is a feeling of greater confidence in encouraging creativity in themselves and clients. Our groups have been very diverse, and this has been interesting for us all! 

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training I completed with Karen and the Academy of Advanced Changework.
The small group training was ideal for practicing and refining these skills, and Karen was an excellent facilitator to keep checking in, clarifying, and honing in on my areas for improvement as the training progressed.
I was able to apply this knowledge immediately in working with clients to help them realise goals that had previously been unattainable using regular Psychological modalities. Hypnotherapy was an excellent addition to my tool kit, which I use in various ways every day." 
 ~ Scott Gould, Paediatric Psychologist

Fees, discounts, & interest-free payment options

Unless you take advantage of one of our discount options below, the full price of Level 1 Practitioner Training is $2880, and Level 2 Advanced Training is $1440 throughout 2024.
Fees for practitioners who enrol and make payment for both Level 1 fast-track hypnotherapy practitioner training and Level 2 advanced training before starting Level 1 training are $3520 if applying before with the early bird discount deadline for Level 1 Training stated earlier (a saving of $800).

Fees for enrolment for Level 1 practitioner training only, with the early bird discount are $2580 (a saving of $300).

Fees for enrolment for Level 2 Advanced practitioner Training with an early bird discount are $1140 (a saving of $300).

Please note Level 1 Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training must be attended in full before attending Level 2 Advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training.

Once you are accepted onto the Level 1 Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training course, a deposit of $720 is payable to secure your place. Subsequent interest-free payments can be made prior to each of the modules of training, or payment can be made in full prior to the course starting.
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"This is an intensive, totally comprehensive, professional course.

The practical modules were both well presented and highly informative and focused on practical application. I now understand why Karen and Paul are held in such high regard in the Hypnotherapy field for their high standards and professionalism.

I would highly recommend this course for any mental health professional. I not only feel totally capable of practicing hypnotherapy with confidence but surprisingly the personal development and new personal insights at the end of the course were a huge bonus."

~ Marisa De Luca, counsellor & psychotherapist
Looking for a longer course? Perhaps you might want to consider our Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP Diploma training course? CLICK HERE

Practical hypnotherapy training with an emphasis on doing hypnotherapy ~ summary of training with us

  • Accredited¬†by the¬† General Hypnotherapy Standards Council/GHR, UK/International.
  • Train fast without compromising knowledge, skills and quality, with credit for prior learning, and focusing on the unique aspects of hypnotherapy without unnecessary repetition of, say, core therapeutic skills.¬†
  • Highly qualified and experienced trainers and course writers, trained to post-graduate level in Psychology.
  • Trainers and homework markers are experienced clinical hypnotherapists and you can have complete confidence.
  • Money-back guarantee. See the prospectus for details.
  • Great discounts saving up to $800 off course fees.
  • Lovingly crafted, engaging course manuals.
  • No dry, boring PowerPoint lectures - we promise!
  • An emphasis on practical know-how; not just theory.
  • Small groups with plenty of individual attention/support.
  • A supportive environment: a friendly & approachable trainer during training plus email and telephone support between training days.
  • We are open to feedback and continually strive to improve our courses.
  • Conducted and delivered online¬†and accessible from Australia, New Zealand & South East Asia!¬†
  • 6-month free post-qualifying membership to the Practice Building Hub for Qualified Hypnotherapists!

Ready to Apply?  Your easy 3-step application process: 

STEP ONE: Request an application form & Prospectus

STEP TWO: Complete & submit the form via email with a recent photo and supporting documents evidencing your mental health qualifications and skills.

STEP THREE: Once accepted, pay your deposit to secure your place on the course!

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

No further payments are required until 2 weeks prior to the start date. You will be invoiced for your payment depending on your preferred payment plan i.e., whole fees paid upfront for both levels of training saving up to $800, or interest-free payment plans for your course with or without an early bird discount.
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David Hirst

Karen's level of professionalism is of the highest integrity, meeting trainees at their level of need. As a result of attending training, I have developed considerably in my field of employment, both at a knowledge and confidence level. I would readily recommend Karen's services to anyone seeking further career development and education.

Cassandra Evren

Karen Bartle is an awesome trainer. It is a very detailed training with an exceptional manual, face to face modules, assignments, reporting of the case studies, must do private and group supervisions and so on. I highly recommend Academy of Advance Changework if you want to become serious in the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Keith Baddeley

As a counsellor and psychotherapist I was interested in developing my practice by adding hypnotherapy as a key skill. […] I found the training to be excellently delivered, and as an experienced practitioner myself it was really satisfying to be working with someone who I realised really knew their stuff.