Hypnotherapy & NLP Training Australia, New Zealand, & South East Asia

We now conduct & deliver our clinical hypnotherapy & NLP diploma courses face-face online making them accessible from anywhere in Australia, New Zealand & South East Asia! 

Fun, friendly & supportive

Our clinical hypnotherapy & NLP diploma courses are delivered in a relaxed, fun, and supportive atmosphere over 15 days & 650 hours of total study/practice. No prior knowledge is required.

This course is now being conducted and delivered via Zoom and so is accessible and can now be attended from anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, & South East Asia!

No matter whether you're based in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Darwin, Tasmania, Melbourne, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, or even Fiji, this course is available and accessible to you.

The only caveat is that you must have a good command of verbal and written English to attend the course.


This course is professionally approved and enables you to start a new career and become a clinical hypnotherapist in less than 6 months!

You'll have all you need to start a practice and take on fee-paying clients, including a private health fund provider number for clients to claim on their health insurance.

Confidence is important as a hypnotherapist and you'll build this during your time on the course by initially practicing with your peers, before applying your skills in sessions with real clients with real issues away from the virtual classroom!

"I had the good fortune of studying under the guidance of Karen Bartle at the Academy of Advanced Changework, where I completed my Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP in 2022. From the very first day, Karen's expertise, dedication, and passion for her craft was inspiring. 
Throughout the course, I appreciated the consistency of Karen being my trainer. She always had a clear grasp of my progress, understood my challenges, and celebrated my achievements. Her patience when relaying complex concepts and techniques is a testament to her teaching and professional skills. 
I understand the Academy of Advanced Changework is shifting towards an online mode of training with live sessions. I am confident that AAC will navigate this transition seamlessly and future students will have enhanced experiences without having to travel to on-site training venues.
Anyone lucky enough to learn from Karen, either in a physical or digital classroom, will undoubtedly benefit greatly from her expertise. She is a mentor who truly cares about the success and growth of her students, and I recommend her for anyone who values learning from a trainer who is thorough and holds you to the highest standards, setting you on a path to excellence. Whether you are beginning your journey in hypnotherapy or advancing your skills, Karen Bartle is the mentor to guide you towards achieving your goals" 
~ Marisa Netherwood, Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Professional training you can trust

Our Hypnotherapy & NLP Diploma courses are professionally recognized by the following organizations, giving you a choice about where you apply for practicing membership.

AHA - Australian Hypnotherapists Association

ASCH - Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists

AACHP - Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

NZAPH The New Zealand Association of Professional Hypnotherapists

GHSC - General Hypnotherapy Standards Council

IHA - International Hypnosis Association


Our graduates are eligible for professional membership and receive a private healthcare provider number by joining our approved associations in Australia.
We pride ourselves on providing excellent after-care to our graduates to support them to set up and supervision/mentoring in our Practice Building Hub and provide exclusive free access to our book 'The Advanced Hypnotherapist' (not on public sale)

We provide the following 3 qualifications in one combined course: Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Diploma in NLP, & a Certificate in Stress Management

If you're looking to know how to do hypnotherapy & NLP, our courses are very practical with small groups meaning you'll have lots of individual attention.

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Next available course start dates: 

2023: 21-23 Oct 

2024: 19-21 Feb

Early bird discounts available - apply before 29 Sept for Oct 2023 start and 19 Jan for 2024 start.

Save up to A$1000 on course fees!


"Karen is very experienced, highly professional and committed to her students and supervisees, as well as to the hypnotherapy profession in general. Her Academy of Advanced Changework training diploma, run in conjunction with Dr Paul Peace, is engaging, stimulating and of the highest standard both academically and ethically.

Apart from being extremely knowledgeable and able to teach effectively and inspire confidence, Karen is very caring, supportive and approachable. She was my first choice as Supervisor when my diploma course finished. Paul and Karen were responsible for designing the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council’s framework for Advanced Courses.

~ Linda Flanigan, Clinical Hypnotherapist


Student fees, discounts & interest-free payment options

Full course fees for the Hypnotherapy & NLP Diploma Training are $7200.

Substantial discounts are available. Save between $500 - $1000 off course fees by paying in full &/or before the early bird discount deadline reducing total fees to as low as $6200!

We require a deposit of $720 once your application has been accepted which secures your place on the course. This is fully refundable so long as your enrolment is cancelled by 7pm on day 2 of training (see the prospectus for details).

We also have interest-free payment options enabling you to spread your payments over 6 or 9 months paying as little as $664 per month! Conditions apply so please contact us for more details. 

Single Payment - receive $500 off fees!


Full course fees paid two weeks prior to module 1.

Single Payment & Early Bird Discount: Save $1000!


Full course fees paid two weeks prior to module 1.

Interest-free Payment Plans - From as Little as

A$664 per month

Includes Early Bird Discount. Conditions apply.

"This is a course that actually teaches you in a practical sense- this is how to do it, how to be a therapist and is not just theory. I learned more in this course about the human mind that I did in 3 years of studying Psychology at university." 


~ Sarah Rogers, Clinical Hypnotherapist  

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 Ready to Apply?  Here's your easy 3 step application process: 

STEP ONE: Request an application form & Prospectus

STEP TWO: Complete & submit the form via email with a recent photo (can be a decent selfie).

STEP THREE: Once accepted, pay your $720 deposit to secure your place on the course!

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

No further payments are required until 2 weeks prior to the start date. You will be invoiced for your payment depending on your preferred payment plan i.e., whole fees paid upfront saving $500, or interest-free payment plans spread over 6 or 9 months.


Apply Today without Delay!

"I am so glad I chose to do my training through the Academy of Advanced Changework. It has set me up with a comprehensive knowledge base, tools and techniques to get me started in a fantastic new career.
This course is highly professional and well recognised in the industry. Karen is not only very experienced and will challenge you to get the best out of you, but she is also very warm and supportive. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking for quality Hypnotherapy training."  

~ Kerri Alderton, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Training with Us – Summary of Benefits


Recognised by the Australian Hypnotherapists Association, the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists, & the Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, The New Zealand Associations of Professional Hypnotherapistsand accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council/GHR (the UK and international) and the International Hypnosis Association.


Highly qualified and experienced trainers, trained to post-graduate level in Psychology (MSc and PhD).


Trainers are experienced clinical hypnotherapists and clinical supervisors, giving you complete confidence.


Money-back guarantee. See the prospectus for details.


Everything you need to become a part- or full-time professional clinical hypnotherapist.


Great discounts saving up to $1000 off course fees.


A lovingly crafted manual.


Speedy qualification in around 6 months. Sat, Sun, Mon once a month.


A comprehensive hypnotherapy, NLP & stress management training in one course, giving you a breadth of skills to work with a range of clients.


Free 300+ page book 'The Advanced Hypnotherapist' written by the trainers upon qualification, taking your skills even further.


An emphasis on practical know-how; not just theory.


Small groups for individual attention, feedback, and questions.


A supportive environment: friendly & approachable trainers during training plus email and telephone support between training days.


6-month free post-qualifying membership to the Practice Building Hub for Qualified Hypnotherapists!


The Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course is held online and accessible from anywhere in Australia, New Zealand & South East Asia!  Learn more about the benefits of our face-face online learning.


Make it your passion, and let's make it happen?!

Sarah Rogers

Really glad I did my training here! Professional, very knowledgeable and experienced trainers and it was good value for money. I learned more here in 6 months than I did in 3 years of Uni. It was a great experience and one I really enjoyed. There is a good amount of practical work in the course which helped make me confident in being a hypnotherapist.

Clare Longstaffe

Karen and Paul have a down to earth, friendly approach and are experts in their field. Their work is infused with professional integrity and I can thoroughly recommend their courses to those interested in this path.

Rebecca Kinnear

Karen and Paul were absolutely brilliant. The course was thorough, including not only hypnotherapy and therapeutic techniques but also practical strategies and advice regarding setting up a practice. I felt that the course gave me knowledge and confidence in moving forward into setting up privately. I would highly recommend.