New Online Hypnotherapy Diploma Training in Australia & NZ Starting June 2023!

If you're a regular follower of our blogs and content you may already be aware that we've been running approved hypnotherapy training courses since 2008 in the UK and in 2013 in certain major cities in Australia.

We've been very traditional in our ways all these years, in booking offline venues, and teaching students fortunate enough to live locally or be able to afford accommodation and travel expenses to study with us.

When COVID struck in March 2020 we didn't stop, and we still managed to make it work even with all the challenges it brought; hired bigger venues, took on fewer students, and ensured safe practices with hygiene and social distancing, etc. It was tough for us all but we did it albeit in unprecedented times and implementing some unorthodox and creative ways of working. 

We have enjoyed working in the physical, bricks-and-mortar, space, however, it's time for a change, as our politicians would say. In order to provide reliable, viable, and credible courses it's time to take our training courses online so they can be accessed by eligible people anywhere in the virtual world. 

These are not unsupervised, untutored courses, however, involving self-directed or other-directed but pre-recorded and automated-based learning with little assessment or supervised practice. We have integrity and our courses are being run exactly the same as if someone was attending a physical space with tutors, supervisors, and/or assessors present we'll be supporting you every step of the way on live training days as well as in between training days as you hone your craft and practice your skills with clients with real problems to solve.

Whilst we have always attracted students seeking our traditional class-based training, in these times, our courses are struggling to achieve minimum numbers to run in some locations. We are having to cancel and refund, leaving people stranded and having to train elsewhere or give up on their dream altogether of completing a high-quality course and training as a hypnotherapist.

From our side of things, we are keen to ensure the wider community, especially in more isolated regions is able to access our training without the added costs and inconveniences involved in having to travel and fund accommodation. 

So, although it's never been our preference to leave the physical space, the time is now right to make this change of delivering our training online. 

Whilst we have a lot of changes to make to ensure this is a smooth transition for you, it's not going to mean any major changes for you and shouldn't feel that much different from being physically present with your peers and tutors.

It will take a little practice and patience if it's not something you're used to, but thinking more about it, the pros really do far outweigh the cons for all of us.

  • Not having to travel
  • Stay in your own space for all training days
  • Sit in a comfy chair of your choosing
  • Regulating your own temperature 
  • Accessing all course/learning materials prior to the training days
  • A breakout space for yourself/clients where you can practice without distractions from other peers, staff, guests
  • Lots of experience working in the online space which has much more potential for attracting clients and building your practice with bigger networks.

In addition, it means we can reliably offer and host the course in one space where anyone eligible can attend from anywhere in Australia, NZ, or where their time zone suits daytime AEST.

This bodes well for working with a diverse range of people. 

Cohorts will still be small and we will have break-out spaces for students to practice with the same level of supervision and feedback but with much more privacy and comfort.   

You can rest assured that the quality/standards of training will not be compromised as this is something we've always been committed to regardless of where the training is conducted. We encourage ongoing and regular feedback with open forms of communication from students to ensure this. 

Everything we do on live/attended training days will still happen in the online space. We don't expect to have to do any changes to the syllabus on our end, since all physical contact exercises had to cease anyway when COVID struck. 

It will, however, require you to have the following in place...

  • Good quality reliable internet, video, and audio connection 
  • A set of comfortable headphones for privacy and reduced feedback
  • A quiet and undisturbed working environment. This will ensure you're not distracted, and others watching/listening won't be distracted, and it is private and confidential as you'll be working in pairs on real issues and interactions with peers and your practice clients
  • You will still be in training and fully present for the scheduled times each of the days with your peers and tutors. The breaks and lunch times will also run the same as if attending a physical environment with lots of flexibility. where required. 

We do expect this method of delivery to be popular as we've had countless calls over the years to run our training online. We do hope you'll still decide to continue your training with us and of course, if you have any questions or concerns please do reach out by email or schedule a call using the link below. 

The dates for our next course are detailed on our training hypnotherapy courses pages along with early bird discount deadlines and access to a prospectus and application form. 

In addition, we are still providing an additional $500 off course fees when the full payment is made ahead of the course start date.

 If you have any questions please don't hesitate to Get In Touch. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and hopefully welcoming you to one of our courses 🙂🙏

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback, we're happy to help!


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