Therapy & Coaching with Karen Bartle, MSc

Whether you're looking to build confidence, boost self-esteem, manage stress or anxiety, overcome a habit, addiction or compulsion, or deal with a trauma, fear or phobia, Karen provides a range of evidence-based psychological and behavioural approaches to help you effectively resolve most of life's challenges. 
Evidence-based approaches give us confidence that the interventions we use have been shown to be effective in creating sustainable and lasting changes for a wide variety of issues.

The focus could be dealing with something from the past, present or future that challenges our resolve and resilience and prevents us from moving forward in the way we want to and enjoying life's pleasures.
Karen integrates a range of psychological and behavioural approaches tailored to the individual needs of her clients including Hypnosis, Cognitive behavioural therapy, EMDR, Mindfulness, NLP, and Coaching.
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"Karen is a master in this field with a world of knowledge and experience. She is calm, kind and very passionate about what she does."

~ Sarah Rogers

With decades of experience, Karen has helped thousands of clients using her skills as a coach and therapist to relaxmanage weight, quit smoking, change habits, manage stress & anxiety, overcome fears and phobias, build confidence & resilience, recover from post-trauma stress symptoms and much more.

Karen has a BSc in psychology, and an MSc in Health psychology, and is an Advanced Clinical Member of the Australian hypnotherapists Association, and member of the AACBT who can help you from the comfort of your own armchair or sofa from anywhere in the English-speaking world. 


Perhaps you can relate to one or more of the following: 

I want to feel happier

I want to feel healthier

I want to be more confident

I want to relax more

I want to perform better

I need new ways to think, feel, or behave

I want a new approach

It's time for change

I want to be more resilient!

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Enhance Cardiovascular Health

Coaching for improving cardiovascular health e.g., quit smoking, de-stress, lose weight, etc.


Manage Chronic Illness & Injury

Enhance resilience to deal with challenges of living with a chronic health concern. 


Alleviate Post-trauma Stress Symptoms

Tailored therapy & coaching sessions to become unstuck from post-trauma stress.




Karen is very caring, supportive, and approachable.

~ Linda Flanigan