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Hypnotic Relaxation Training

 The biopsychosocial benefits of relaxing

Learning to relax helps us to be more resilient in the face of stress, and anxiety, and manage fear and adversity. It also helps us to let go, clear our minds, and switch off our negative thinking and emotions leading to healthier behaviours. 

Making this a routine part of our day can bring increased benefits and will improve productivity and performance across all areas of our life e.g., having more energy, being less tired, reducing inflammation, engaging less with things that don't matter, better emotional regulation and stability, better decision-making and memory retention & recall.


 The physiology of relaxing

Relaxing triggers the parasympathetic branch of our autonomic nervous system which regulates organ and gland functions during rest, and is considered a slowly activated, dampening system to reduce harm to the body by slowing our heart, reducing inflammation, and relaxing our muscles.

Having a set of ways to effectively and easily relax is an essential component of living a healthy and happy quality of life and building our resilience to mitigate stress.

The power of relaxation using hypnosis - Introduction
The benefits of Relaxing

Learning and using hypnosis to relax

There are many ways to learn to relax, however, the quickest way to induce relaxation and the easiest to learn is hypnosis.

With hypnosis, we can learn to induce a surface or deep relaxed state in ourselves &/or others.

The state we experience can be very daydreamy and our mind can wander to places of peace and happiness, or it can be focused and we can be mindfully aware of the way we want to feel and things we want to think about for a while.

Hypnotherapy is a very versatile tool that can be used very briefly to help e.g., stabilise breathing during a state of anxiety, panic or fear, or with more time can be used to help us enjoy a greater depth of relaxation and rest to give us respite from the effects of insomnia, pain, stress, etc. 

It's a very healthy, natural and enjoyable way to learn to switch off and feel differently about things you might otherwise feel bothered by.

Learn how Geoff used hypnosis to eliminate his anxiety/panic attacks and manage his asthma attacks with the power of relaxation 🙂
The power of Relaxation - Geoff's Story Part 1
Learn why Geoff wanted to use hypnosis to manage his asthma attacks

The power of relaxation ~ Geoff's story part 2. 

Click the link to discover how hypnosis helped Geoff to discover the power of relaxation in managing his asthma attacks 🙂
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Integrating hypnosis into your life.

Hypnosis is such a versatile tool and easy for anyone to learn to use. 

You might be in a professional capacity where you can help your clients or patients to relax, or maybe want some self-care relaxation tools, or want to help friends, family or colleagues relax better. 

Once you learn the unique patterns of inducing relaxation using hypnosis and helping yourself and/or someone else to feel calm and relaxed quickly, this will become an easily accessible everyday repertoire of language/behaviour to feel healthier, happier, and live a reduced stressed life.

Learn more about our Hypnotic Relaxation  Training

How would it feel to be able to induce someone, or yourself, into a relaxed deep or surface state of mind and body just by using your voice, and providing hypnotic suggestions to maintain that state long after the session?

Or hypnotise yourself for relaxation, to destress, declutter and improve your own health and well-being?

Learn more by contacting Karen Bartle, MSc

From absolute beginner, we’ll show you how anyone can use special language patterns to hypnotise people and give hypnotic suggestions to help them relax.

You can use these skills on yourself, your loved ones, work colleagues, clients, patients, etc. Everyone can benefit from relaxation. 

Integrating hypnosis into your everyday life 

Anyone can learn to use hypnosis to relax and manage their daily stresses and strains.

If we're caring/supporting others, such as a child, parent, partner, friend or colleague, we can use it to help them relax and destress too.

It's such a versatile tool that it can be used discretely with eyes open just sitting in a chair and finding a spot to focus on or staring out of the window.

The language we use does is all and we'll show you how!

What you will learn

No matter whether you're a practitioner or simply want to use hypnotherapy to relax yourself and your loved ones, this course is for you.

The training will give you all the essentials to safely and ethically induce, deepen, and disengage from hypnosis.

You'll be guided through a range of hypnotic inductions to induce relaxation & create focus, and learn how to create tailored hypnotic and post-hypnotic suggestions for relaxation. 


Online learning & membership group

All the practical skills you'll need to learn will be covered during the training

You will be supported all the way and have the opportunity to ask questions, seek clarification, & join a friendly community of members for support and to learn and share more.

Ready to Enrol on the course?! 

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Paul and Karen operate their business with sincerity and integrity. They are professional, warm, embracing, fun and brave individuals with a wealth of shared training, education and therapeutic experience. 

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I can't speak highly enough of both Karen and Paul. They're very experienced, knowledgeable and SO supportive. Not to mention how passionate they are for Hypnotherapy, NLP and their students. 

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