About us  

Karen Bartle, MSc  

In addition to working as a therapist & coach for over 2 decades, Karen gained her MSc in Health Psychology and BSc (Hons) in psychology and has worked as a university lecturer teaching psychology and nursing undergraduates.

Karen has also worked in graduate psychologist roles with inpatient residents/patients with severe and enduring mental health issues, and a specialist community assessment and intensive support service working with people with learning difficulties and challenging behaviour.

Along with Paul Peace, she co-founded the Academy of Advanced Changework, an international training school in the UK in 2008 and they have been hosting hypnotherapy & NLP training around Australia since 2014.
Karen is based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia and provides therapy & coaching online and in person.  She incorporates a unique blend of psychology, coaching, hypnosis, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), & mindfulness, in her clinical practice and training programs. Call (07) 5329 2293 for more details.

Paul Peace, PhD

Paul's training experience includes teaching Psychology and Nursing undergraduates. He has published papers in academic journals and presented a paper at an international conference on language and gender at Stanford University, California.

In his clinical work, Paul uses hypnotherapy, NLP, psychology, coaching, and EMDR. He works with a wide spectrum of issues, most often for low confidence and self-esteem, phobia, stress and sleeping problems. He is also an experienced supervisor. 


"Paul and Karen are professional, warm, embracing, fun and brave individuals with a wealth of shared training, education and therapeutic experience.

~ Deborah Hill 

"Karen and Paul, your course materials are very comprehensive and I found your methodology and practicals are very effective. You maintained high quality standards throughout the course and applied no shortcuts. Your portfolio exercise is a fantastic idea to keep a track of students’ progress and credentials. I enjoyed the course from the very first day. Hypnotherapy is a broad and evolving subject area. Your course laid a good foundation for my hypnotherapy career.

~ Bandara

"It was the best thing i ever did. Course was amazing. […] Their teaching methods are excellent, I learned so much! […] Training was set up in the way that we as students would get a lot of practice. By the end of it I had all the tools necessary to go out there and help people with their issues.

~ Diana Hayes