Online Therapy & Coaching with Karen Bartle

Karen's unique blend of personal coaching/therapy,  based on over 2 decades of practice, research & teaching, incorporates cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), hypnosis, EMDR, mindfulness, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), & coaching.  

Whether you're wanting to change a habit, improve performance, remove a mental blockage, or manage anxiety, fear or stress, Karen is on hand to help you out. 

Using this special blend of interventions means we can tackle issues more efficiently and effectively by managing things simultaneously on different levels.


EMDR, CBT & NLP help to make changes by restructuring the way we think, feel, and behave. By incorporating hypnosis we can increase the efficacy and efficiency of cognitive-based approaches by bypassing any conscious interference we typically get when we're finding solutions to our problem in the usual way.

For example, overeating despite consciously knowing so and wanting change. The unconscious has different ideas which are hidden from view. The person cannot understand why they do it. This is because the unconscious desire to eat unhealthily silently pesters despite the conscious efforts to stop. Methods of intervening during hypnosis helps to manage any unconscious triggers contributing to a lack of progress.
Another example is a smoker who is consciously aware that smoking is harmful and yet finds themselves compelled to smoke.
For many people, conscious knowledge of government health warnings, increasing social unacceptability, the cost, smell, and taste, etc. do not override the powerful unconscious habit. Hypno/therapy tackles the unconscious desire to smoke.

"Karen is a master in this field with a world of knowledge and experience. She is calm, kind and very passionate about what she does."

Sarah Rogers

Hypno/therapy is holistic intervention with wide application.  For example, did you know it can be used for medical problems?

It is well known that stress in the mind can cause or trigger medical conditions and illnesses in the body. Merely thinking about something can make your heart race.

Clearly, the mind and body are one. Hypno/therapy has been used successfully to treat lots of medical complaints including, asthma, burns, wounds, skin problems, fertility, menstrual problems, IBS and many more. Hypnosis has been used for dental work and even major surgery where people are allergic to the anaesthetic.

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"Karen has the ability to deliver personally to you at your level and is so calm and controlled that your confidence is inspired."

Bill Noon