Therapy & Coaching to Quit Smoking 

Motivated and ready to quit smoking?

Smokers have several reasons to be motivated to quit smoking and often try many methods before reaching for psychological therapies such as hypnotherapy to stop.

Nicotine addiction has far-reaching biopsychosocial consequences on our minds and body. Here are just a few of the benefits of quitting smoking that you might already be aware of and perhaps are some of your reasons for wanting to quit:

Reduced blood pressure


Improved memory, attention and reasoning


Reduced risk of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes 


Increased physical activity tolerance


Reduced risk of oral cancers.


Reduced bad cholesterol
Significant improvement in cardiovascular health and function. 


Learn more about quitting smoking!

Once you've committed to your first appointment with Karen Bartle, advanced cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist and smoking cessation specialist, to stop smoking, the first session starts by finding out in detail about your smoking habit, e.g., triggers, likes and dislikes, history to your smoking habit, and motivation for quitting smoking, etc.

Every smoker is different, with different levels of motivation, different habits, different reasons for wanting to quit smoking, and so on. Our assessments during the initial assessment session will help to tailor your therapy to help you to quit smoking.
Karen uses a range of  techniques to get you thinking, feeling and behaving differently in relation to certain aspects of your habit that might be preventing you from quitting and/or relapsing back into smoking after a break away from it.

In a relaxed and focused state of mind and body, you will be receptive to responding well to tailored and bespoke hypnotic suggestions, EMDR and NLP interventions to increase your commitment and un/conscious desire and motivation to quit.

Although there are no guarantees with any method of quitting smoking, including those available in conventional medicine, hypnotherapy alone has been shown in research to be one of the most effective as it tackles the causes as well as the symptoms of smoking, for lasting change and preventing relapse.
Some big concerns smokers have when quitting smoking include not wanting to replace smoking with other unhealthy habits e.g, overeating or drinking alcohol, putting on weight, having withdrawal symptoms and giving in to cravings.

Many find it difficult to say no to people who invite them to smoke or when passing a cigarette kiosk. Perhaps your concern is not being able to have a coffee or beer with friends and family, or being unable to enjoy breaks at work with your smoking colleagues.

A combination of hypnosis, EMDR & NLP can help you deal effectively with all these concerns without feeling the need or desire to smoke again.
Hypnotherapy, EMDR, and NLP in combination are powerful & effective strategies to help you quit smoking and they can be used on their own or in combination with other smoking cessation methods such as nicotine replacement (patches, gum, lozenges, nasal spray), and other prescription medications used for smoking.

Biological and medical interventions to quit smoking can have negative physical and psychological side effects which can interfere quite considerably with daily functioning. 

Some people using prescription medication experience changes in behaviour, depressed mood, and suicidal thoughts shortly after starting the medication (FDA's Adverse Event Reporting System).

Hence, these are only designed to be short-term solutions to helping you manage your cravings associated with quitting smoking. 
Hypnotherapy & NLP are very effective, easy, relaxing natural, healthy, and chemical/biological-free approaches to breaking the habit of smoking for good.

You may have started your smoking career for good reason; it seemed a good idea at the time. Perhaps, for example, it helped you to manage stress, be more confident, deal with boredom, manage loneliness, grief or conflict, or it's been a soul mate for you in your time of need?
Perhaps the time is now to let it go and move on to more productive and healthy ways of living your life your way without cigarettes.

The financial costs of smoking

According to the University of Queensland, the rising costs of buying cigarettes have now overtaken health concerns as the number 1 motivator for smokers wanting to quit ('Cost now biggest turn-off to smoking', Aug 2022). 

According to Associate Professor Gartner...
 "Some people who plan to quit sometime in the future for health reasons may be more inclined to try now when faced with paying $40 for a pack of cigarettes."
Nearly 50% of smokers who successfully quit in 2019, cited the high cigarette prices as their main motivator for quitting compared to 30% in 2007. 

Perhaps you have other reasons to quit, such as concern for family, declining social acceptability, improved health, improve fertility, smell fresher, recovering a full appreciation of the taste of food, or to feel in control.

Using cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, and your motivation, Karen can help you to say goodbye to smoking!


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Ready to quit smoking?

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FAQs on using hypnosis & NLP to quit smoking

The Quit Smoking Hypnosis, EMDR & NLP program in 4 easy steps?

  1. Schedule an initial 20-minute call to assess your eligibility for this program. Once accepted into the program, you'll receive a link to book your preferred date and time to start.

  2. The first session will involve an assessment of you and your smoking/relapse history/habits and hypnosis/NLP Interventions.

  3. Your second session will be an assessment of progress since session 1 and a tailored selection of interventions to help you to quit smoking and prevent re/lapse.

  4. Within 30 days, support is on hand and we'll touch base by email, audio, or video call to assess how things have been for you in your new role as a non-smoker!  

Quit Smoking with Karen Bartle

Special $495

Australian dollars

  • 2 sessions for quitting smoking.
  • One further top-up session is available if required within 30 days to manage cravings/lapses.
  • Unlimited email support within the first 30 days as required.
  • Complimentary MP3 recordings keep you on track.
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