What issues can hypnotherapy help with?

With your will and commitment, hypnotherapy is a very powerful complementary therapy (in addition to any other professional help required).

Any issue with a psychological or behavioural component can be tackled. This includes many medical conditions, e.g., where pain, stress, worry, etc need to be managed.
Sometimes medical conditions can be alleviated through complex chains of psychological, behavioural and physiological changes. Not all of them are understood but one example would be clearing stomach ulcers by reducing stomach acid through hypnotic suggestions for stress management.


If your problem has a substantial psychological or behavioural aspect to it, it is likely we can help. What follows is a list of such issues. If you want to try hypnotherapy for an issue not listed please call us to discuss without obligation.





Assertiveness (e.g. do you have difficulty saying 'no' or asking for something?)


Autoimmune conditions (coping, resilience & effective management)






Burns (dealing with pain, healing through positive imagery)


Cancer (coping with)


Chronic conditions (coping, resilience & effective management)




Concentration (e.g. difficulty focusing on revision, forgetfulness, easily distracted)




Cardiovascular health (smoking, weight, stress, hypertension, exercise, diet)




Creativity (e.g. realise your full potential for thinking differently, problem solving)


Depression (mild to moderate)


Disfigurements & visible differences (e.g. coping with, self-acceptance, public confidence, anxiety & fear)


Divorce (e.g. stress management, acceptance, moving on, confidence)


Driving (e.g. confidence, road rage)


Driving test (e.g. nerves, stress management, performance on the day, memory)


Energy (e.g. energy-building, reinvigoration, motivation, nutrition, stress management, fatigue)


Executive stress (e.g. breathing properly, time mgt., coping with staff, goals)


Familial problems


Fear of failure




Frustration (e.g. with partners, work, routine, driving, career)


Grief, loss & separation


Guilt (affairs, not bringing children up well, lies, breaking diets)


Hair pulling (Trichotillomania)


Healing (not a 'miracle cure' but many people have experienced quicker recovery from injury, illness & trauma)


Healthy eating


Hyperactivity (e.g. relaxation, unhealthy eating)


Hypertension (e.g. relaxation, stress management, dietary change if you are finding it difficult)


IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)


Immune system boosting (the mind and body are linked in ways we don't properly understand. Hypnotherapy and visual imagery have proved useful in this area)








Interview preparation (e.g. confidence, communication, self-consciousness, selling yourself)


Irritability (e.g. snapping at family members, restlessness, unable to relax)




Marriage problems


Memory (e.g. remember appointments, learn languages, find lost objects)


Menopausal problems


Menstrual problems incl. premenstrual tension


Morning sickness


Motion/travel sickness


Motivation (learn more, earn more, sell more, do more, enjoy more)


Negative thinking




Obsessions/Compulsions/OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)




Pain relief/management


Phantom limb pain


Post-natal depression


Post-operative healing


Premature ejaculation


Pre-operative worries/preparation


Prosperity (get more out of life through motivation, overcoming personal obstacles, etc.)


PTSD & Trauma
Public speaking




Relationship problems


Releasing the past (moving on e.g. dealing with bad memories) 

Resilience for adults & children

Sales performance (e.g. motivation, rapport-building, goal-setting)


Self-harming behaviours










Sensory development (enjoy life more by appreciating sights, sounds, smells, tastes & feelings more)




Skin problems (e.g. eczema, acne)


Sleep (e.g. nightmares, paralysis, bedwetting, sleep-walking)


Smoking cessation


Speech impediments







Tinnitus (e.g. distraction techniques, coping)


Tooth grinding (bruxism)


Weddings (e.g. stress, last-minute doubts, money worries, commitment, speeches)


Weight management



Hypnotherapy can help with other issues - please contact us to discuss.


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