Eliminate Dietary Overconsumption

Eating and/or drinking too much for your metabolic needs? Regularly binging on food and unhealthy beverages including alcohol?
Engaging in either of these can, over time, take it's toll and have a negative impact on our physical, medical, social, and psychological well-being.

Join Karen for a personal change program like no other, and eliminate dietary overconsumption from your life for good!

Getting back in control can be simple, easy, and fun!
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Reprogram your mind and body to create the lifestyle you want!

Overconsumption typically  happens when we are faced with too much and continue to eat/drink it, or persistently give in to addictive cravings, or turn to alcohol and other high calorie beverages we feel compelled to consume.
Despite knowing we should stop it's difficult to stop, and we may eat or drink faster to ensure we finish and don't leave anything. However, rushing through doesn't allow time for our appetite to be suppressed or our mindfulness to kick in. That's when we know we're not in control!

By learning to become mindful about what we eat and drink, managing those unconscious drivers and emotional eating triggers, and changing aspects of what we consume, when and how, we can take back the courage of our convictions and regain our sense of healthy control with food and drink and prevent the negative patterns from persisting. 


This evidence based program for eliminating dietary overconsumption will put you firmly back in the driving seat of your own behaviours. Creating new healthy habits will become your new norm! 

Learn to regain control of your eating and drinking habits by changing the way you think, feel and behave around food and drink. 

Getting back in control can be simple, easy, and more relaxing and fun than you think!


Results that last!

Our supported Behavioural change program will help you to become your own overeating health coach, getting you get back in control of your eating and drinking.

It's not about quick-fix approaches or faddy exercise programs. However, in no time you will be implementing some effective psychological and behavioural changes for managing overconsumption, binging, craving addictive substances, and ultimately be gaining control over your unhealthy eating and drinking habits for good. 
Results can happen astonishingly fast in the mind, it just takes a take a little more time for the new behaviours to be incorporated into daily routine. It's right there where people struggle and so often return to the old well-rehearsed behaviours since they seem easier to maintain some how. It will certainly be different this time for sure and you'll never have a need to return to your old ways!


Strategies that work!

As an evidence-based health practitioner and coach, I use tried and tested interventions that successfully work with hundreds that have gone before you.

These evidence-based approaches should give you confidence that research matters in knowing what works and why. 

Behavioural Change Approaches to Overeating that Work a Treat!  

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