Overeating Management Program

Eliminate overeating 

Overeating i.e., consuming too much food and/or binge eating, can have a negative impact on our physical and psychological well-being.

Join Karen for a personal change program like no other, and eliminate overeating habits, from your life for good!

Getting back in control can be simple, easy, and fun!
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Reprogram your mind to change your unhealthy eating habits!

When we are over faced with too much food and don't feel able to leave it, we've left it too long to eat and we feel ravenous, or we're not allowing enough time to spend eating and we rush through it, we're not in control of our eating.

By learning to be a mindful eater, and/or managing emotional eating we can regain that sense of healthy control and stop the negative patterns and eating behaviours.

This cognitive behavioural therapy-based program incorporates hypnosis, mindfulness, and coaching and is cram-packed with techniques to help you learn to regain control of your eating habits including overeating and binge eating, by changing the way you think, feel and behave around food.

Getting back in control can be simple, easy, and more relaxing and fun than you think!


Results that last!

Our overeating management sessions will help you get back in control of your eating over the long term.

It's not about quick-fix diets or faddy exercise programs. Over just a few sessions, you'll we'll use some effective psychological interventions for managing your overeating and gaining control over your unhealthy eating habits.

Results can happen astonishingly fast in the mind, it just takes a take a little more time for the new behaviours to be incorporated into your daily routine. You'll notice yourself doing things differently in no time! 


Techniques that work!

As an evidence-based practitioner, I'll be using some tried and tested techniques that I've used with hundreds of clients and taught to hundreds more students.   

These evidence-based approaches should give you confidence that we're looking at the research and literature as well to assess what works.

This doesn't necessarily mean all the techniques will work for you, experimentation and practice are essential aspects of learning about what works best for you in creating sustainable results over the longer term. 

Reprogram your mind & start changing those unhealthy overeating patterns today!

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