Reversing Hypertension: The silent killer


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Why we all should be concerned about our blood pressure


The factors that promote hypertension (high blood pressure)


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How you can reverse hypertension naturally

Along with diabetes, hypertension is one of the biggest silent/invisible killers affecting an estimated 1.3 billion people worldwide and killing around 10 million people each year which is more than 25 thousand deaths per day!


From the outside, it might seem like nothing is wrong. We may look just fine and for a while, we may feel good inside too.


However, even glowing, smiling, and feeling healthy doesn't mean hypertension is not causing havoc by slowly damaging our arteries, brain, and kidneys! 

Blood pressure can only be known by taking a BP measure at home or in GP surgery or hospital; it’s seemingly invisible to us and unless we get checked we will have no idea what our BP is from one day to the next unless something serious goes wrong. 


Despite the high prevalence of hypertension, only 5% of people associate it with being a major risk factor for promoting heart disease. 

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