10-year health plan by kicking your smoking habit to the curb starting now!

If we want to regain our health and prevent or reduce our risk of death and disability through all manner of nasty cardiovascular diseases and ailments, we have to have a plan.

For someone who wants to quit smoking, the health plan will span over a period of about 10 years so it's never too early to start; and indeed the earlier the better. 

Here's a 10-point trajectory of why quitting smoking and starting your 10-year health plan today is one of the biggest and best things you can do to benefit your health and your family's enjoyment of life with you over the longer term. 


1) If you don’t have a cigarette whilst reading this article, your blood pressure and pulse rate will already have returned to normal.

2) Within 30 minutes your circulation will improve, especially in your hands and feet, and your ability to focus and concentrate will have improved.

3) By 8 hours your blood oxygen levels will have increased to normal levels and your risk of having a heart attack has already started to fall.

4) 24 hours after having your last cigarette you will be carbon monoxide free! Your lungs will start to clear out the mucus and debris.

5) 48 hours after becoming a non-smoker, your body is nicotine free and your sense of taste and smell will rapidly start to improve.

6) At 72 hours you’ll find it easier to breathe and your energy levels will have increased.

7) As you continue to be a non-smoker, between weeks 2 and 12 of having kicked the habit, exercise and walking will become a breeze.

8) By 9 months in, your lung efficiency will have increased by 5-10%. Any breathing problems, coughing, shortness of breath, or wheezing will all be a thing of the past.

9) So 5 years on, you can congratulate yourself because you’ve reduced your risk of having a heart attack by 50%.

10) On your 10th anniversary of being a non-smoker you can celebrate your risk of lung cancer falling by 50% and your risk of having a heart attack falling to the levels of someone who has never smoked!


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