Hypnotherapy for regulating emotions during stress

When we are faced with a challenging situation whether real or imagined, and we don't feel resourced to deal with it, we can have an emotional fear or stress reaction. 

When we have a fear or stress response and we're not resourced to deal with it we might react in one of three ways: 

1) Remove ourselves quickly from the situation and avoid having to deal with it. However, this doesn't equip us with the skills and learning to deal with a similar situation we are likely to come across in the future.

2) Become paralysed and overwhelmed emotionally and physically by the experience but feel unable to react how we would like so, we feel quite out of control and powerless with it.

3) Stay in the experience feeling highly emotionally charged and if we're not resourced appropriately to deal with the situation we might react angrily and defensively and perhaps say and do things out of character that we might regret later. 

When we have a stress reaction the parasympathetic branch of our autonomic nervous system is activated and rapidly mobilises the body’s adaptive energy to deal with the situation. This reaction uses and creates energy-producing substances to deal with the situation e.g., cortisol and adrenaline. 

When we are resourced to deal with challenging situations we can stop or prevent this reaction from happening in one of two ways:

1) We can use a simple and effective relaxation method that will trigger the parasympathetic nervous system into action (i.e., the 2nd branch of the autonomic nervous system) which counterbalances the consequences of the stress reaction and effectively turns the tap to stop us from producing the stress hormones

2) We can become resilient so that we have the skills to proactively and effectively deal with situations we know we find challenging. Because we are confident and feel resourced and able to react well in these situations we don't have the fear/stress reaction. It just doesn't exist!

What's interesting is that we know as humans we can trigger the fear/stress response in our own imagination even without being in the actual situation i.e., presented with the actual object of fear/stress. Just by imagining it, we can produce the stress or relaxed response so we know that by using effective psychological strategies to manage it we can combat real-life situations and live a fulfilling quality of life as a result of it!

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