Chronic overweight can be managed with simple solutions

Just imagine for a moment your outdoor tap to your house has a leaking pipe, every time you use the tap everything seems fine until one morning you wake up and notice there's a wet patch around the surface of the ground which wasn't there last time you looked and it's been some hours since the tap was last used.

You can't figure it out so you monitor it for a few days and the patch gets seemingly wetter. You decide it's time to get in some expertise to have a look and call your local plumber. The plumber turns off the water supply but your meter is still ticking; you have a leak and a rather serious one. Serious because it has been leaking for weeks if not months, slowly at first and gradually getting to the point where the pipe is about to burst and cause damage to your property!

It's now not just a leak, but an excavation job to unearth the pipe and replace a whole section of it taking a good few hours to fix. "If only we had seen this earlier," you say to yourself; we could have prevented damage and it would have been easier to fix.

Of course, hindsight is a beautiful thing and had we known we had a problem we would of course get onto it straight away to prevent damage to our property, right?!

The good thing is a chronic leak doesn't require a lengthy and complete solution. The plumber, being an expert an' all, will know how to fix it and have it mended in a couple of hours at the most with the right tools and equipment.

How is this different to someone who is chronically overweight or obese and struggled to lose weight or prevent weight gain? The short answer is no different at all.

Let's illustrate, take John, for example, a client now in his mid 30's always remembered being a chubby kid, bullied and unhappy as a child because of his weight. Now as a 35-year old he feels no different, still doing the same habits, and behaviours, and still unhappy in his life and business. He's spent the past 30 odd years suffering chronic obesity because the strategies he was using as a kid are still the same strategies he's using in his adulthood. If one does what they've always done, they are likely to get what they've always got!

Just like the leaking pipe, had we been proactive in checking every now and again whether we had any leaks around our house by turning off the water supply temporarily, we may have noticed and been able to identify and rectify the problem more quickly and efficiently without causing potentially serious and difficult to rectify damage to our home.

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