How to choose a hypnotherapy course ~ Free eBook

Choosing the right hypnotherapy course can be tough. There are so many things to consider, some of which someone new to this field struggles to get their head around. It’s even difficult to know the right questions to ask.

When a prospective student contacts a training school, they provide information on what they think is important. Another school tells a different and sometimes contrary story. Whatever each school is offering is said to be the best way and impartial advice isn’t easy to come by.

Each school has an agenda – to sell a service that has a substantial fee attached. Even talking to practising hypnotherapists, they tend to praise the school they trained with to justify their investments of time and money and because they’ve not experienced other courses.

People can be forgiven for thinking the more they research, the more perplexing the picture becomes. Each website and prospectus add more contrary advice until overwhelm, even paralysis, sets in. Some people start training one or two years after first considering it because they don’t know which way to turn.

How to choose a hypnotherapy course is an eBook that aims to empower you to know what is important, what isn’t, and to immunise yourself against marketing hyperbole and misinformation.

In Chapter 1, you can assess whether hypnotherapy is a good match for you. It’s a good place to start because it’s only worth looking at everything else when you’re sure you’re going to train. Chapters 2, 3, and 4 assesses how to choose a good trainer, school, and course, respectively.

To find the right course, it is helpful to be equipped to spot marketing hyperbole. This is explored in Chapter 5. In Chapter 6, we focus on ways to find more information about a tutor, school, or course.

In Chapter 7, we explore final checks and comparing your shortlisted courses. Finally, in Chapter 8 comes the big moment – making the final decision, committing, and applying.


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