Hypnotherapy for Impotence

Mike was a mechanic and loved his day job. He was well adjusted, confident, outgoing, and seemed to have no worries. However, when it came to sexual intimacy, Mike became unusually shy and was unable to maintain an erection.

He had never discussed this with anyone before and certainly not mentioned it to his friends or family. His long-term girlfriend was very understanding and was easily satisfied with intimacy without sexual penetration. Her desire for a child, however, meant that Mike needed to get some help.

Mike was apprehensive at first during the initial assessment as he thought needed to seek help was a sign of weakness and he had never talked about his impotency before outside of the relationship. He felt very relieved being able to discuss his impotence openly with someone independent who was able to help without making a judgment.

Through a few sessions of hypnotherapy, Mike was able to learn how to manage unreal expectations of himself and enjoy the process of sexual intimacy.

The masculine discourse he grew up with was as a male he needed to be in control.  However, he found that by giving the control to his partner to instigate sexual pleasure he could relax and enjoy the process more.

He learned techniques to manage his negative thoughts and reduce his anxiety levels and mentally prepare himself for sexual activities with his partner.

Soon he recognised the effect his thoughts were having on his behaviour and how by changing his cognitions and/or the way he felt, he was able to perform well with his current partner.

Through hypnotherapy, we identified a negative experience earlier in his life which was likely to be when the problem started. After some resolve around this issue, Mike’s impotency significantly diminished.

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