Hypnotherapy for managing obesity-related hypertension

Obesity is a major risk factor for hypertension through several mechanisms such as neurohormonal activation, inflammation, and kidney dysfunction. In turn, hypertension is one of the biggest risk factors for developing most cardiovascular diseases (CVD). 

The need to support people with obesity sooner to gain control over their weight has been an important issue addressed by Hall et al., (2021) to avoid CVD complications. 

Lifestyle and medical/biochemical interventions have gone some way to helping people make changes to improve their physical inactivity, and diet, however, most interventions, if not sustained over the long-term lead to weight gain further down the track as the motivation to continue with them wanes as old habits return as people relapse. 

Many clients who seek out hypnotherapy as a complementary method of managing weight and reducing blood pressure do so sadly as the last resort and typically report having tried every diet going, including pills and shakes and are looking for sustainable lifestyle changes before they opt for surgery. 

With hypnotherapy losing weight is different to most other approaches and so often the reason why it works so well is that weight is not the core feature of therapy, rather addressing the causes of what's behind someone's excess weight or overeating issues is the focus of the investigation.

Most often excess weight issues and patterns of overeating e.g., comfort eating often starting early in life, can begin for a myriad of reasons, and each person will have their own narrative and timeline of where and why this might have started. Hence the importance of providing a tailored/individualised, flexible and empathic approach to therapy and coaching. 

Hypnotherapy helps to find the probable and potential causes of eating and weight issues and resolve them way back in the chain, which typically prevents the same old habits and patterns from continuing to run into the future. 

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