Hypnotherapy for polycystic ovary syndrome

Linda attended for hypnotherapy to manage her weight and sugar addiction which she felt were out of her control. She was a school teacher and would take in a large packet of Haribo gummy bears on a daily basis for her class. Although the class would share in her delights, it was Linda who would eat the lion’s share of the packet.

Linda would also bake when she got in from work and would find herself eating a whole cake to herself that evening.

Linda was clinically obese, had been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and was at high risk of contracting diabetes. Her self-esteem was very low and she refused to look at herself in the mirror.

Linda wanted to start a family, however, she menstruated sporadically, sometimes months or even years apart, and due to her condition knew that her chances of conceiving were very low. She knew that if she could lose weight and control her sugar intake she would feel much better about herself and give herself the best chance of conceiving naturally and living a much healthier lifestyle.

Hypnotherapy helped Linda to feel more confident in her ability to control her food intake and gradually wean herself off sugar by changing her diet. At times when she did have cravings, Linda would have techniques that she could use that would relax and distract her until the cravings passed.

Linda didn’t have friends or a social life away from work, so hypnotherapy helped her to become more confident and feel better about herself enough to pursue other interests in the evening rather than staying home, including joining a creative writing group at her local community hall.

Another part of losing weight and enjoying a healthy lifestyle involved exercise. Because of her weight, Linda found exercise uncomfortable and would travel everywhere by car. She also liked to swim but would not allow anyone to see her in a bathing costume. Through hypnotherapy, she found small ways to incorporate exercise and movement into her daily routine and after just a few sessions, once her confidence and self-esteem had increased, she was able to attend the pool at quiet times when she would feel less self-conscious.

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