Kick procrastination to the curb & succeed in your weight loss efforts!

Procrastination can be a pervasive issue that can run through several areas of life or specific things that we do that makes it difficult to progress as we would like.

For example, procrastination prevents those with chronic weight issues from sustainably reaching and maintaining their goals of managing their weight by redeciding and delaying.

When we're trying to change anything we might expect it's going to be hard, especially if we've been around this cycle many times before. It's likely we will keep putting it off.

The payoff might not be rewarding enough so we continue as we are because we feel it will be easier that way. However, we're not always aware of how much investment goes into continuing to procrastinate and putting it off for another day or another time. 


Overcoming procrastination can have many wide-ranging benefits including helping us to...

  • Feel happier
  • Feel healthier
  • Relax more
  • Perform better
  • Be more efficient and have more time
  • Have new ways to think, feel, and/or behave
  • Make faster & better decisions you can commit to no matter what temptations or distractions lie in your way.


Delaying by procrastinating can have all manner of negative consequences for us. It can:

  • Thwart progress of our personal or professional life
  • Irritate ourselves and those around us.
  • Allow others to make decisions for us.
  • Lead to lowered feelings of self-worth and ability.
  • Resulting in stress and associated health problems.
  • Stalls progress and success.
  • Delays failure, and therefore the ability to try something different until you find the ways that will work.

Want to learn how to procrastinate less or even not at all to help you crack on in reaching your weight loss goals?

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