Why hypnosis & NLP are effective strategies for quitting smoking

NLP stands for 'neuro-linguistic programming'. 'Neuro' refers to the brain/neurones and sensory apparatus (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic (feeling), olfactory (smell) and gustatory (taste)), 'linguistic' refers to language and other means of communication (pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes, smells and self-talk), and 'programming' refers to the way the mind can be altered to achieve specific outcomes.

NLP & hypnosis can routinely be used with all sorts of presenting issues including conflicts, confidence building, change of career, starting a business, eating disorders, addictions, phobias, public speaking, and sports and exam performance.

Hypnosis and NLP are both non-invasive and non-pharmacological interventions that combine well together to promote a change in cognitions and behaviours and are effective psychological strategies to increase stimulus control, positive reinforcement, manage competing behaviours, provide opportunities to practice assertiveness skills and cognitively restructure aspects of reality in an easy, safe and relaxing way for lasting change.

Clinical hypnosis is unique in that it involves an induced altered (focused) state of consciousness/awareness i.e., changes in mind and body conducive to therapeutic gain involving suggestions and imagined experiences that reinforce the health benefits of quitting smoking aiming to change cognitions regarding smoking and improve a smoker's ability to deal with nicotine cravings and high-risk trigger scenarios which cause relapse. 

Hypnosis and NLP help to improve self-control, self-efficacy, positive reinforcement, resolve cognitive dissonance and ambivalence, assertiveness training, cognitive restructuring, and using relaxation, focus, suggestion, visualization, and imagined experiences to help a smoker think, feel and act differently in relation to smoking and stress-related triggers, to prevent relapse.

Sound too easy? It is surprising that no matter how long a person has been smoking, so long as the hypnosis and NLP interventions are tailored to address specific requirements including increasing or solidifying motivation, and commitment, removing barriers to quitting and preventing relapse, becoming a non-smoker really doesn't have to be, and won't seem like hard work. 

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