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The power of relaxation

The power of relaxation

Having a set of effective ways to easily relax is an essential component of managing any issue whether chronic or otherwise. 

Learning to relax helps us to be more resilient in the face of stress, anxiety, and managing fear and adversity. It also helps us to let go, clear our minds, and switch off our negative thinking and emotions leading to healthier behaviours.

Relaxing, triggers the parasympathetic branch of our autonomic nervous system which regulates organ and gland functions during rest, and is considered a slowly activated, dampening system to reduce harm to the body by slowing our heart and relaxing our muscles.

There are of course hundreds of ways to relax and I'm sure you'll find your own ways as you rest, work and play. The important thing is that this important aspect of managing weight isn't forgotten or neglected.  

Making this a routine part of your day can bring increased benefits of being more productive and active across all areas of your life e.g., having more energy, being less tired, engaging less with things that don't matter, better emotional regulation, and better decision-making capacity.

Create a time dedicated to making it happen and tie it to another behaviour such as before breakfast, on your lunch break at work, as you finish work, or before you relax for the evening. Associating it to another behaviour you do every day will mean it gets done every day. More on the importance of this later in the program when we cover a stunning technique called implementation intentions. 

If you're not sure what relaxation is or how to achieve it on a regular basis, try the relaxation induction here. 

If you need more help to discover the power of relaxation for yourself, feel free to get in touch

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