The rewards and punishments of nicotine dependency

When someone sets out on their smoking career, there's very little awareness of what will become should they decide to make it their lifelong endeavor to become a smoker. 

Some try it very early in life and hate it, only to return to it sometime later to help them cope or 'enjoy' life more. It gives people different reasons to become hooked and psychological dependency is the first to get the hooked on making it a daily habit.

People continue to smoke and use nicotine because it provides rewards and pleasure by releasing dopamine. It's a central nervous system stimulant that increases alertness, improves concentration, suppresses hunger pangs, manages weight, provides an escape from daily challenges, and gives people 'time out' i.e., breaks at work or time away from the kids when they need it.

We also condition ourselves to have cigarettes with other stimulants such as coffee and alcohol; which compounds the habit/addiction even further and makes it more difficult to quit.

There are serious consequences to smoking with over 4000 toxins in cigarettes we put ourselves at risk of damaging our bodies and suffering from over 40 cancers and deadly and debilitating cardiovascular events such as thrombosis, heart attacks, and strokes.

Each time we smoke were increasing our blood pressure, and cholesterol levels and damage our arterial linings which contributes to ruptures and plaque forming which causes the artery to narrow and eventually clot. 

Smoking also weakens our immune system leaving us open to infections and other conditions e.g., coughs, colds, and respiratory problems which we find very difficult to shake off. Long-term people experience lung diseases, COPD, and emphysema, and smoking is a major trigger for asthma.

The cilia in the lungs become paralyzed by the toxic material in cigarettes each time we smoke, which leaves the lungs unprotected and vulnerable to developing cancers and fibrosis which scar tissues causing breathing problems and leading to physical activity intolerance.

Carbon monoxide in cigarettes is a deadly gas in large quantities and high levels in the blood reduce our oxygen levels due to blood cells' inability to take up oxygen.

One of the most debilitating and common conditions chronic smokers develop is PAOD - Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease, aka 'Smoker's Leg' and 'Window Shopping Disease' is a common condition experienced by chronic smokers. 

They develop a blockage in the artery of the leg which basically cuts off the circulation, the foot and lower leg turn blue and frozen and causes severe pain that prevents the smoker from being able to walk very far or very fast. arterial graphs can be done however, if not successful or the smokers continue the habit, it's highly likely the leg has been amputated and the person will spend the best part of their life in a wheelchair and most experience ghost pains which are often unresponsive to painkillers.

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