Welcome to the Academy of  Advanced Changework Level 2 Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Training!

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Training for Qualified Therapists

Our Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy training enhances qualified therapists' and hypnotherapists' skills to work with more complex issues and advanced interventions and processes.

Delivered over 3 full days, with additional study and practice modules, this course builds on previous level 1 skills so prior knowledge and training in clinical hypnotherapy are pre-requisites for this advanced hypnotherapy training course.

This course is conducted and delivered via Zoom and so is accessible and can now be attended from anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, & South East Asia!

No matter whether you're based in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Darwin, Tasmania, Melbourne, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, or even Fiji, this course is available and accessible to you. 


Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy for Qualified Hypnotherapists 

The Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course is completed by distance learning and is aimed at practitioners with a thorough initial clinical hypnotherapy training.  

Suitable candidates already have the skills that required live, directly supervised training, such as inducing, deepening, maintaining and disengaging trance.

The Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy will invigorate your work by teaching new knowledge and techniques, developing critical and analytical thinking, as well as covering less commonly taught presenting issues, more ways to motivate clients and maximise success, and sophisticated questioning skills.

As well, it will teach practitioners how to deal with awkward clinical situations, advanced ethical and logical thinking, and the value of hypnotherapy research, as well as developing reflective practitioner skills.

Any hypnotherapist, regardless of their chosen professional association, can complete and benefit from the course. We have sought accreditation with a number of other bodies but most currently have no mechanism for assessing courses at this higher level.

Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy for qualified hypnotherapists


Perhaps you can relate to one or more of the following:

 I want to enhance my skills

 I want to gain advanced knowledge

I want to gain credit for additional learning

I want to upgrade my membership

I want to learn more advanced techniques

I want to have more confidence

I want to work with more complex issues

I want to credential myself better

I want a qualification I can feel proud of 


"Even though it has only been just under a year since I qualified as a hypnotherapist, I had not realised how set in my ways I was beginning to get with some of my interventions and approaches. Studying for the advanced diploma gave me just what I needed to reignite and build my confidence." 


"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and found it challenging. I feel it built well on initial training giving me more techniques to add to my repertoire and helped me to think about the whole process of therapy in a deeper way." 


"I really enjoyed learning different techniques to add to my portfolio and I was thoroughly supported and guided throughout the course."