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Learn hypnosis in 30-minutes

Ever have that feeling when you wake up and do not know how or where to start? πŸ˜’

Today I struggled to know what to do first with lots of things vying for my attention so I struggled to make a start on anything. πŸ˜•

Just getting started isn't typical as I usually have a goal of what I want to achieve. Today was different.

So what did I do?

I did what I always do when I need some clarity on something, I headed for my trusty hypnotic chair 🀩

I've induced myself into a trance thousands of times. My state of relaxation is anchored to my trusty hypnotic chair so as soon as I sit down and put my feet up my state is already changingπŸ’–

I put on my headphones, close the blinds and listen to one of the most appropriate self-hypnosis recordings at that moment and before I know it I am in a trance 😴

The phone could ring, someone could knock on the door, my partner could call from another room.

Would I hear them? Usually.
Would I care? Mostly not unless it mattered.
Could I stop listening and break off at any time? Sure I can, I am in control 😁

Sometimes I have a goal of something I need more insight about. Other times I have the no-nothing state before I start where I just wing it and see where it takes me.

It's a creative process either way and all I have to rely on is my trusty chair, and my own voice & hypnotic suggestions to guide me to where I need to be.

Today after just 5 minutes of listening to one of my guided imagery inductions up I got! Mission accomplished πŸ™

I was then on my next mission which got me into a state of flow for the next 2 hours! 😍

How good is that?

Want to learn more about how you can learn hypnosis to help yourself do that?


What you will learn during this free mini-course!

  • The benefits of using Hypnosis.

  • The 5 components of the hypnotic process; Inductions and experience of The Blackboard Induction.

  • Deepeners; what they are and how to use them.

  • What are suggestions and why do we use them?

  • Learn the difference between Hypnotic and Posthypnotic suggestions and their uses/benefits.

  • The disengagement; how to bring hypnosis to a close. Experience a Favourite Place Induction.


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Learning hypnosis has many benefits and yet it's so easy and simple to do.

Hypnosis helps us to learn to relax, focus, gain clarity, or simply let go of 'noise', that much more effortless and magical with lasting results.

Always wanted to know how to hypnotise yourself or someone else but never had the time or opportunity?

Well, now you can! Learn hypnosis in 30-minutes!

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The Power of Relaxation using Hypnosis

An introduction to the benefits of relaxation and why we should use hypnosis to relax

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What we did to manage Geoff's anxiety & asthma  

Learn why we used hypnosis to help Geoff relax and eliminate his anxiety/panic attacks πŸ™‚

Watch now!
How we eliminated Geoff's anxiety attacks using hypnosis 

Let us show you how we can experience the power of relaxation using hypnosis πŸ™‚

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 Why is hypnosis such a great tool to learn for relaxing? 


Hypnotherapy is an awesome way to relax. Using hypnosis we can induce states similar to daydreaming whilst staring out of a window. The process of hypnosis is...
  • Quick and simple to induce relaxation
  • Versatile
  • Natural & healthy
  • Can be used anytime & anywhere
  • Available to anyone

Integrating hypnosis into your everyday life

Anyone can learn to use hypnosis to relax.

We can use it on ourselves (self-hypnosis) to manage our daily stresses and strains.

If we're caring/supporting others, such as a child, parent, partner, friend or colleague, we can use it to help them relax and destress too.

It's such a versatile tool that it can be used discretely with eyes open just sitting in a chair and finding a spot to focus on or staring out of the window.

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Debbie Hill

Paul and Karen operate their business with sincerity and integrity. They are professional, warm, embracing, fun and brave individuals with a wealth of shared training, education and therapeutic experience. 

Kirstie Nicholson

I can't speak highly enough of both Karen and Paul. They're very experienced, knowledgeable and SO supportive. Not to mention how passionate they are for Hypnotherapy, NLP and their students. 

Clare Longstaffe

Karen and Paul have a down to earth, friendly approach and are experts in their field. Their work is infused with professional integrity and I can thoroughly recommend their courses to those interested in this path.