Learn how hypnotherapy helped Geoff manage his anxiety & asthma attacks

Geoff suffered from asthma; his airways were narrowed and swollen and he was producing extra mucus. He was finding it difficult to breathe and was coughing and wheezing when he breathed out and had shortness of breath.

This was a chronic condition that he’d had for decades however he was getting really anxious about not being able to breathe and having catastrophic thoughts which were causing him to panic making his condition worse.

His attention was focused on not being able to breathe and what would happen if he couldn’t and was very distracting for him every day.

His anxiety about his asthma was causing him to overeat and drink excessively to cope with the stress which was putting on weight, and he wasn’t going out as much as he used to for fear of having a panic or asthma attack in public.

He was finding it difficult to sleep and waking up during the night with his coughing and difficulty breathing.

His anxiety was all-consuming and he was becoming intolerant of minor things he could usually cope with. 

Learn more about why and how we used hypnosis to help Geoff relax and eliminate his anxiety/panic attacks 🙂

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