Hypnotherapy to build resilience

We’re all in the game of dealing with setbacks, disappointments, challenges, and stress, as well as all the good stuff, and even that can cause us stress!

As a resilience coach/hypnotherapist, I often get asked “What is resilience? Is it coping, being confident, staying positive?”. Yes, it’s all these things and much more including self-efficacy, optimism, mindfulness, acceptance, resourcefulness. However, resilience can't be learned simply by reading a book or attending a course, it can't even be learned by just having a weekly session with a coach or therapist.

Resilience must be practised in real-world situations repeatedly for it to become a part of our everyday practice. It's a work in progress and always will be. The more experience you can get the better and stronger your resilience will become.

A recent Harvard Business Review article identified 3 important practices to build resilience:

1)     A commitment to something beyond ourselves i.e., having someone or something to give us a sense of purpose.

2)     Radical acceptance of what is i.e., to not waste energy battling against things we genuinely can’t control or change.

3)     The ability to improvise i.e., how you can work around your challenges by creating new ways of working that fit your needs. This demonstrates resourcefulness.

With hypnotherapy, we can enable clients to achieve a relaxed and focused state and access previous resources they've used successfully to manage challenging events and situations in life. And/or we can build new resource states if a client is struggling to find previous times they coped well.

Once we have these resources or have created them, we can use them effectively to manage situations in the present or future.

Hypnotherapy enables clients to practise using these new or previous skills in their imagination so that when they encounter an external challenge they are well equipped in their mind and body to feel very well prepared in how to cope well.

Coping well breeds further confidence and positivity and enables us to grow and develop to manage bigger and different challenges. This also enables us to be willing to take more risks and not avoid situations or events due to our increased ability to create positive expectations.

By being more confident and resourced we also feel able to accept that not every situation can be anticipated and we learn to accept the unexpected without fear and anxiety, and know that we're doing our best with the current resources we have available to us.

Being resilient is also about learning from our experiences, reflecting, getting feedback and doing things differently next time. This again breeds personal growth and development to be stronger and stronger with each experience.


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