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Why we should learn to use hypnosis to relax

Why we should learn to use hypnosis to relax

Learning the basics of hypnosis is simple and relatively easy; the rest comes with more training and practice. Here are a few reasons why we should learn to use hypnosis...

Quick to learn

Within hours you can learn the basics of how to use hypnosis for relaxation

Easy to use  

We have various hypnotic tools that are available as protocols or scripts that we use which means we don’t have to know too much about how hypnosis works but the language patterns and techniques in the scripts induce relaxation for us


There are literally hundreds of ways to induce a relaxed state using hypnotic tools

Individually tailored

When we know-how, we can tailor these hypnotic tools to the needs of the person receiving hypnosis for better effect and a more relaxing experience

Able to create light states or deep states

We’re able to use hypnosis to create brief and light states of relaxation e.g., help stabilise breathing during a state of anxiety, panic, or fear

Or we can achieve greater depth & provide rest & respite from the effects of insomnia, pain, stress, trauma, etc if we have more time with people

Natural & healthy

We do hypnosis, entering trance states where we zone out many times a day whether when we’re reading a book, watching TV or looking out of the window and daydreaming. It’s a normal and natural way to give our brain a break and help it to replenish and refocus ready for the next round of data inputting and mental processing

Can be used anytime & anywhere

We can be experiencing it with eyes open/closed, standing/sitting/laying. At work, during our leisure time or studying. We wouldn’t recommend using it though where you have to be vigilant and have focused attention on the job at hand e.g., operating machinery such as driving

Available to anyone to use for nearly every issue

As it’s something we do many times a day and is naturally occurring, with a little adaptation, hypnosis for inducing calm and relaxation can be used on nearly everyone and every condition. We can even use it with the pre/non-verbal such as animals, babies or those with serious brain conditions/diseases or abnormalities.


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