Hypnosis & EMDR to Reduce Weight 

Motivated and ready to reduce your weight?

Lose weight with hypnotherapy & EMDR and feel great! Being overweight, as we all know, increases the risk of developing high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and Type II diabetes.

According to Aussie government statistics, 67% of the adult population is overweight or obese. So you're not alone. Neither are you alone in your efforts to do something about it - we're here to help.

Consciously you either both want and don't want to eat unhealthily, or you consciously want to stop but your subconscious mind continues to pester. Diets frequently fail due to this incongruency, or because it takes great willpower and effort to maintain conscious awareness.
With hypnosis & EMDR, we focus on empowering you to eat healthily (and shop and cook healthily if relevant), plus exercise if you wish to do this as well. After a burst of 3 sessions or so, further sessions are spaced increasingly further apart so you have support and time to see the effects.
Imagine looking and feeling healthier and slimmer at the beach, at a wedding or party, at work, etc.
With your help, and ours, you can reduce weight with hypnotherapy & EMDR.

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Looking for better ways to stop overeating? 

Overeating i.e., consuming too much food and/or binge eating, can have a negative impact on our physical and psychological well-being.

Join Karen for a personal change program like no other, and eliminate overeating habits, from your life for good!

Getting back in control can be simple, easy, and fun!
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