10 Evidence-Based Diet Recommendations for Improving Cardiovascular Health

A scientific statement on diet and lifestyle recommendations for improving cardiovascular health and reducing cardiovascular risk was published in Circulation. Poor diet is highly correlated with an elevated risk of Cardiovascular disease (CVD), morbidity and mortality.  This statement places emphasises the critical role of nutrition early in life, presents elements of heart-healthy dietary patterns, and highlights structural challenges that impede adherence to heart-healthy dietary patterns.

The statement details 10 evidence-based diet recommendations for improving cardiovascular health, avoiding the risks of CVD, and promoting cardiometabolic health.

(1) Adjust energy intake and expenditure to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight

(2) Eat plenty and a variety of fruits and vegetables each day

(3) Choose whole grain foods and products rather than refined foods

(4) Choose healthy sources of protein (e.g., plant-based)

(5) Use liquid plant oils (e.g., olive oil) rather than tropical oils and partially hydrogenated fats

(6) Choose minimally processed foods instead of ultra-processed foods

(7) Minimize the intake of beverages and foods with added sugars

(8) Choose and prepare foods with little or no salt

(9) Limit or eliminate alcohol intake

(10) Adhere to this guidance regardless of where food is prepared or consumed


Knowing about the right kinds of foods to eat for a healthy heart is a great start, however, planning and implementing these changes requires more effort and motivation. Hypnotherapy is an awesome way to help manage the barriers and struggles of managing and maintaining a CVD-healthy diet. Need help? Get in touch by scheduling a free no-obligation call: https://calendly.com/karenbartle/cvd-initial-chat

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