The Power of Relaxation for Losing Weight

Everyone knows how to relax, right? Actually, not everyone. There are some misconceptions about what relaxation entails.

I've had countless clients attend sessions, with the use of the word relaxation triggering feelings of uneasiness especially amongst those who are looking to increase performance and productivity, have more energy, or be more alert.

There's a misnomer often circulating that being relaxed means we're going to be less productive and care less about the things in life that need to get done i.e, it's something we go away on holiday to do once or twice a year that allows us to forget about all the necessaries lurking back home.

Relaxation however has the ability to increase our ability to perform better, be more mindful and increase our energy levels so we can be more productive when it's required.

Having a set of ways to effectively and easily relax is an essential component in our weight loss armoury. It helps us to manage stress, reduce anxiety, overcome adversity and stay positive and focused on our goals. We can find ourselves being willing to give up old habits and create new ones more easily when we're going about it in a relaxed and thoughtful way.

When we're relaxed and more restful the parasympathetic branch of our autonomic nervous system gets activated and regulates organ and gland functions. Our heart rate slows and our muscles become more relaxed, reducing tension in our body, thereby protecting us from inflammation and harm.

Creating a time dedicated to making it happen and tying it to another behaviour such as before breakfast, on your lunch break at work, as you finish work, or before you go to bed associates it to another behaviour you do every day and so means it will get done every day without too much effort having to remember it.  

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